Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yamaha YZF R1 2001

Model : Yamaha YZF R1
Year Reg : 2001
Mileage :

-Green color
-Bike location is in spore
-Good Conditions

Price : RM 24,000 on the road

Pic will be uploaded soon


Royz said...

bro, could you tell me more on the financing part. thanks

Frick said...

Thank you for your kind attention.

Currently we only accept cash payment due to bikes are from singapore.
For payment method, we will need you to bank-in registration fees (which differ according to bike type) and the rest of the payment after registration complete.
Please keep all your bank-in transcript as it will be the verification item for bike transaction.

hamdan said...

bro how could we know this things is real and not fake one(the dealing). and lets say i buy yamaha YZF R1, reg 2001 price 24,000 how much for the registration fees cos. and can we have black and white before transaction of registration fees begin from your company or yourself. and are allowed to accompany you to see that bike in singapore to sure the things is there. pls dont be mad bro i just wanna know the proper procedure..

hamdan said...

i hope we can make a proper dealing after. many friends of mine interested too in singapore bike...
from norman faizal hamdan.

Frick (Mohd Fariq) said...

haha i wont be mad lor :)

Of course, all black n white will be prepared to convince everyone that this is not a scam or syndicate or whatsoever that againts our country's law.

Contact me for more info. Cheers!!

hamdan said...

thanks bro frick or bro mohd farid. its so usefull for me and my friends to ensure the things just in order. hope we will meet again soon in this room. from sailor